Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Americle" on Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, a day to remember our fallen military heroes and a day to recall our manifest destiny. We are an exceptional nation, a land of the free and the home of the brave, a land of rich resources, a land that others look to for leadership.

We are a nation in search of Presidential leadership . With the advent of the social media, and the ability of ISIS to use it to recruit and broadcast its message, we are being chalenged as never before. More than ever we need to believe in ourselves, and to have the world believe in us. We live in a global marketplace of ideas and products. There are signs we recognize this new world. We may be about to enact a free trade agreement, and a House panel has unanimously passed a bipartisan $13 billion 21st Century Cures’ Bill to speed drug development and medical innovation.

The time has come to renew our confidence in America to lead from the front and to renew the world’s confidence in our leadership. For the occasion, I have coined a new word “Americle.”

“Americle” fuses the words “America” and “Miracle.” Americle is the belief that American is a land of miracles – an exceptional nation. Americle is that Shining City on the Hill. Americle is humankind’s best hope for freedom.

Americle is the land where all men and women, where all races and creeds have equal opportunity. It is the land where everybody has a fair chance to rise.

It is the land where the poor are protected. It is the land where the poor can dream and opportunity of becoming richer. It is a land of a vast middle class. It is the land with a growing economy. It is the land where anyone become educated, can earn and own a car, a home, a computer, a television set, and a refrigerator.

It is the land of innovation and entrepreneurship where everyone’s ideas are possible and achievable. It is a land where individuals dictate what government does, not the other way around. And finally, it is a land where everybody, in one way or another, ought to access to the best health care and the best technologies that medicine has to offer and where the freedom to innovate keeps us as the medical leader of the civilized world.

America, according to Alistair Cooke, is “ a rousingly, complicated place,, this land thrashing over such incessant contradictions as control and permissiveness, the radical young and the conservative middle, the limitlessness of civil rights and the limitations of presidential power… it embraces the notion of healthy live as a continuing conflict.”

What is the miracle of America? Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes of the Supreme Court it exemplified in the Constitution. “A Constitution is made for people of fundamentally differing views.” This point of view will be on full display in June when the Supreme Court decides the fate of ObamaCare. It is a land where we can agree to disagree and still live as one people.

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