Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Left to Its Own Devices – Democrats and Supreme Court

What will happen if Supreme Court rules in favor of federal subsidies?

No one seems to have considered this development, which seems more and more likely.

Will ObamaCare march on unmolested with more people receiving subsidies. more enrolling Medicaid , more taxes and regulations, and more government control of the health system?

Will the state health exchanges, in deep financial trouble, convert to federal health exchanges?

Will Democrats, already turning further to left at the prodding of Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Saunders of Vermont, with Hillary Clinton following their lead, go on to electoral triumphs in the Senate and Presidency?

Will chastened Republicans, dig in their heels and redouble their efforts to repeal ObamaCare or take down its two main pillars – the individual and employer mandates?

At this stage a month before the Supreme Court decision, we simply don’t know. The Obama administration is mum on the subject. It maintains an adverse Court decision is unthinkable and no Republican alternative would be humane or workable.

If the left is left to its own devices, it will either do what it wants to do, or what its deviciveness and the voters allow it to do.

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