Friday, May 15, 2015

Trickle-Down Economics, Pros and Cons

Cut taxes, regulations and capital gains.

Remove burdensome economic chains,

A rising tide, claims the GOP,lifts all boats.

And it pleases and gains middle class votes.

Everybody will end up prospering,

Overall well-being you’re fostering.

It’s all those good economic things

That solid prosperity always brings,

High employment,

Life enjoyment.

Growing net worth,

Money in your purse.

Ridiculous, say Democrats unanimously,

Obscenely often unceremoniously.

Money will remain in pockets of the rich,

The poor will stay in the poverty ditch.

Never, never, never trust the affluent.

They will treat you like common sediment

Nonsense, aver the GOP, free market capitalism

historically always beats socialism,

It’s as simple as ABC,

A is for Austerity

B is for Bureaucracy,

C is for Coercive-Dependency.

Your trickle-down views depend on your bias.

Prejudices, you see, are what define us

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