Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Twelve Obama Messes

Critics are having a field day itemizing the messes President Obama may leave behind when he leaves offices. Democrats retort these messes can be traced to the depth of 2008 Republican recession, the GOP’s unwillingness to cooperate with the President, and negative global economy and terrorism, both of which are bey9=ond Obama’s control.

Whoever is responsible in this blame shifting exercise, these messes loom on the 2016 horizon.

One, if the Supreme Court rules against federal subsidies in June , Republicans will have to find a way humanely deal with the estimated 6.5 to 7.5 million who would lose their subsidies.

Two, those who don’t comply with the individual mandate and buy a health plan will have to pay an average penalty of $1,130.

Three, the ObamaCare policy that all plans must include 10 essential benefits raises premiums and deductibles for the non-subsidized.

new more expensive policies meeting ObamaCare compliance standards will require more people to go onto subsidies.

Five, employers will place more employees on part-time to avoid $2000 penalties for not covering employees.

Six, the U.S. economy has experienced low economic growth, barely over 2% since the recession ended, compared to all previous recessions since World War II, in which GDP growth averages 3% to 5%.

Seven, the job participation rate is the lowest since 1978.

Eight, the quality of jobs has plummeted, with 6.6% now working part-time, a 46% rise since 2007.

Nine, the number of small businesses closing, merging, or declaring bankruptcy exceeds the number of new business startups.

Ten, the size of the average paycheck has gone from $54,059 to $51,838 during the Obama presidency.

Eleven , the national debt continues to balloon, with the magnitude of the Obama debt exceeding that of all previous presidents combined.

Twelve, lack of entitlement reform may result in these federal programs running out of money: Social Security Disability Trust in 2016, Medical Hospital Trust 2030, and Social Security and Survivor Trust 2032.


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