Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ObamaCare: If You Knew Then What You Know Now

This is a series of questions for the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate regarding the 2010 passage of ObamaCare.

If you knew then what you know now, would you run the risk,

Of embittering Republicans through unilateral passage and unanimous opposition , resulting in more than 2 dozen Congressional votes for repeal?

Of incurring the disapproval of the American people whos have opposed ObamaCare in more than 95% in hundreds of national polls?

Of losing the House and the Senate in 2012 and 2014 midterm elections?

Of a disastrous October 2013 healthcare.gov launch without adequately preparing or pre-testing before that launch?

Of setting the stage for 2 Supreme Court challenges on the Constitutionality of ObamaCare?

Of rewording the text of the health care law to make it clear the federal government rather than the states could set up health exchanges?

Of not recognizing that 37 states would opt not to set up health exchanges and 27 states would choose not to expand Medicaid?

Or would you say the fact that some 16 million uninsured Americans, 5% of America’s 320 million citizens, are now insured , was worth the cost of billions of dollars in new taxes, thousands of pages of new regulations, increased premiums and deductible averaging over 40% in individual markets, cancelled health care policies for millions , more part-time than full-time work, and narrowing of access to government-compliant physicians and hospitals, politically unpopular individual and employer mandates and penalties?

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