Monday, September 16, 2013

With Two Weeks To Go Before Sign-up for Exchanges, Obamacare Still a Tough Sell
As the health care exchanges at the heart of the law open for enrollment in two weeks, the public's views of it are as negative as they have ever been, and disapproval of the president's handling of health care has hit a new high. Confusion and misinformation about the law haven't significantly abated, especially among the law's main targets.
Susan Page, “USA Today/Pew Poll,”  USA Today, September 16, 2013
1.       Do you approve or disapprove of the health care law?

Approve 42%, Disapprove 53%

2.        How well do you understand how the law might affect you or your family?
        Very well 25%, Somewhat well 39%, Not so well, 21%
       3.       Would the Republicans orDemocrats do a better job of dealing with health care?

              Republican 40%, Democrat 39%, Both/Equally?Neither/Don’t Know 21%
4.       So far, what effect has the health law had on you or your family? 
             Mostly positive 17%, Mostly negative 20%, Not much of an effect 63%, Don’t know 1%
5.        So far, what effect has the hadelath law had on the country as a whole?

           Mostly positive 24%, Mostly negative38%, Not much 37%, Don’t know 2%

 Tweet:  Conclusions of USA/Pew Poll of 1500 adults: Opposition hits new highs, confusion continues, expectations are downbeat.

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