Friday, September 27, 2013

Of  ObamaCare’s Tweaks, Twitter, Tweets, Hitches, Glitches, and Pitches
Words matter.
Yes,  I know now might not be a time for word play. Shutting down the government because of Obamacare is not a trivial matter.  
But it seems to me these words – tweaks, twitters, tweets, hitches, glitches, and pitches - keep cropping  up and deserve attention to illustrate the temper of the times.
·         Tweaks: “Tweaks  to Health Law Lure Some  Democrats,”  Wall Street Journal, September 27, 2030:   Here Red State Democrats,  whose constituents overwhelming oppose the law,  and fearing election defeats,  are showing interest in fixes,   such as ending the medical device tax,   scrapping rewards for lawmakers and their staffs, and protect Independent insurance agents and brokers against unqualified navigators

·         Twitters: “Defunding Obamacare Twitter Campaign Explodes,” International Business Times,  September 25, 2013,  Thousands of Twiiter supports ar beseeching their Senators to  defund the Affordable Care Act  as unaffordable.

·         Tweets: “Ten  Tweets about Obamacare,”, September 26, including these.  “We probably wouldn’t be in this mess if they called it the Adorable Care Act, “ and “I was just downtown and federal agemts are forcibly  monitoring people blood pressure at bayonet-point.”

·         Hlitches: “New Hitch Hits Health Rollout Of Small Business Exchanges, “ Wall Street Journal September 27, The Journal article has  this lead-in, The Obama administration acknowledged for the first tme that a technological problem ios forcing it to delay part of of the new health-care law, saying insurance exchanges won’t be ready to accept  online applications from small busnness when the program launches Tuesday.

·         Glitches:   “Obamacare Glitches Mount as Launch Day Nears,” September 26, The Huffington Post,   Obama says, “There are going to be some glihes around the country. There’s going to be a computer glitch.” I’ve never ben mounted by a glitch. I hope it is not too painful’

·         Pitches;  “ a Final Pitch for ObamaCare,” Politico, September 25,  “It Takes Two Presidents to Pitch Obamaare,” MSNBC, Septembeer 24. Democrats know  that delaying ObamaCare carries more risks than rewards.  This thing is not going to look better as it ages.
Tweet:  Six words – tweaks, twitters, tweets, hitches, glitches, and pitches – tell you everything, well, almost everything,  you need to know about ObamaCare,

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