Saturday, September 7, 2013

Will Syrian Vote Influence Obamacare Fate?
Every new adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem.
Eric Hoffer (1912-1983), Longshoreman, moral and social philosopher
Will a Syrian defeat on Congress cripple the administration completely , with 40 months left in the executive term?
Larry Kudlow,  economist and former Reagan official, September 7. 2013
It’s been a quiet day on the Obamacare news front, but a hot news day on Syria.  In today’s issue of  Real Clear Politics, there are 50 articles on Syria, and one on Obamacare.   Of these articles, 14 oppose a Syrian strike, 11 favor a strike,  and 25 are neutral or noncommittal.   The  average of six national polls indicates 32% of Americans favor an attack while 52% oppose.  The people seem to be saying,  this isn't right, we have no dog in this fight.
The House would vote overwhelming "No" on an attack; the Senate would vote narrowly "Yes."  As of yesterday,  233 members of the House would either vote "No" or are leaning "No" with 217 needed to pass.  A Congressional defeat might be a  catastrophic defeat for Obama’s foreign as well as domestic policies.   His credibility is at stake.
On Tuesday, September 11, President Obama  will deliver a historic speech to persuade Americans that a strike is necessary on moral grounds.   Two weeks after that, unless a continuing resolution gets passed, the government shuts down. And two weeks after that, the nation's borrowing power expires, making a higher debt ceiling necessary to keep operations going.  Tied into all of this is the question whether the House will vote to defund ObamaCare, even if the President is saying he will shut down government should that occur.
I am telling you this because I am writing a E-book, about ready to go to press entitled Understanding Obamacare.   It is a day-by-day blow-by-blow account about  Obamacare implementation -  the ups, the downs,  the pratfalls, the pitfalls, and the bear traps.   With his red line comments and his sudden policy reversal seeking Congressional approval,  the President has boxed himself in.  To salvage his self-esteem and the moral authority of the U.S, he feels obligated to change course by advocating a Syrian strike.
Tweet:   As things stand now, and this could change with a powerful Obama speech,  Obama’s foreign and domestic affairs seem to be in disarray.

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