Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quest for a Piece of Your Obamacare Mind
Let every man be persuaded in his own mind.

Corinthians 13

The PR blitz is underway for a piece of your mind in the Obamacare debate.
Each side the other side’s position is spending millions of dollars to berate.
Political groups have spent $500 million denouncing or defending the 3 ½ year old law,
And it appears, at least to this observer, that they have fought each other to a virtual draw.

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group, have laid $15 million on the line for advertisements.
Organizing for America,  the Obamacare counterpart, has pledged $684 million for political advisements.

One wonders if all this money rolling the advertising dice,
To sell or dispel the law is worth the billion dollar price,

Considering the uninsured, the target audience, remains unconvinced,
Instead, when the law is mentioned, they have grimaced and winced.
Let the health care law, I say, stand on its own merits or faults,
Let’s  discontinue this political advertising and the PR waltz.

Tweet:   A multimillion dollar advertising and PR blitz  is well underway to shift opinions on the merits or deficits of the health care law.

Source: “Ad Blitz Aims to Shift Views of Health Law,”  and “uninsured. Yet Unconvinced,”  both in September 21-22 edition of Wall Street Journal

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