Sunday, September 29, 2013

Noble and Quotable: Taking the Temperate of The New York Times Two Days before ObamaCare Implementation
I regularly peruse the New York Times to take the temperature of U.S. liberals on health care reform.  The Times, the Bible of American liberalism   supports the health reform law  as directed from Washington and as espoused by  Obama. 
My conclusion from three articles and an editorial  in today’s September 29,  Times  might be summarized as follows: “Warily, Warily, but Resolutely , I say unto you,  the long awaited Revolution has arrived.”
Quote One: Katie Thomas and Reed Abelson, “ On the Threshold of ObamaCare, Warily,”   The Insurance marketplaces that form the centerpieces of President Obama’s  health care law are scheduled to open on Tuesday, the watershed moment for the Obama administration , but also the turning point for millions of Americans who will finally get the chance to square the law’s lofty ambitions with their own personal needs.”
Quote Two: Jonathon Weisman and Jeremy Peters, “ House Leaves U.S. on Brink of Shutdown; Demands 1-Year Delay of Health Care Law, “ The federal government on Saturday barreled toward its first shutdown in 17 years after House Republicans, choosing a hard line, demanded a one year delay of President Obama’s health care law and the repeal of a tax to pay for the law before approving any funds to keep the government running.”
Quote Three:  Elisabeth Rosenthal,  “ ‘Affordable Care’ or a Rip-off ?”,  “As Americans begin signing up this week to buy insurance, they will begin to test the legislation’s tantalizing promise to make health financially viable.  Will the policies deliver care at manageable prices, or will ‘affordable’ seem like a hollow promotion’?”
Quote Four: Editorial board, “Dawn of a Revolution in Health Care,”  “The United States is embarking on a truly historic journey this week.  Staring Tuesday, the federal government  will make it possible for millions of uninsured Americans who can’t get insurance , or can’t afford it, to obtain coverage with aid of government subsidies.  It is a striking example of what government can do to help people in trouble…After decades of debate and bitter political battles, millions of uninsured Americans will soon be able to get health insurance they can afford, a right that has long been universal in other advanced nations.”
Closing Prayer
Let is pray Obamacare is not like the purse of gold in Shakespeare’s King Henry the Fourth which was “resolutely snatched on Monday night and most dissolutely spent on Tuesday morning” or like Solomon Grundy of nursing rhyme fame, who was “Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday.”

Tweet:  The New York Times is cautiously optimistic about the prospects of Obamacare for affording affordable health care.

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