Sunday, September 8, 2013

Health Care Navigator Alligators

What is it about all those health exchange navigators,
That turns on ObamaCare’s myriad community translators,
And switches off ObamaCare’s multiplicity of castigators?

Is it the left’s penchant for single payer?
Is the right’s chant to be a market player?
Is it both hoping for answers to  a prayer?

Is it the brokers and agents who know their Ps and Qs,
Using their market acquired and tested health care IQs,
Or is it the navigators who embrace ObamaCare views?

It’s hard to tell when all  politicians feel,
that they may be the next election’s meal,

for their respective constituents’ alligators.

Tweet:  ObamaCare supporters consider health exchange navigators as saviors; opponents think of navigators as social organizers for the left.

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