Thursday, June 16, 2016

Political Correctness and Political Incorrectness,  Updated
Political correctness is telling people what you think they want to hear in an ideal world.  Political incorrectness is telling people what they are reluctant to believe in the real world.
What follows are 6 examples of  political correctness vs. political incorrectness.
·         The Republican party is the real  enemy and is blocking progress towards solving the world’s problems because of its intransigent opposition  to present Obama and future Clinton-inspired solutions.

·         The enemy is not the Republican party, but federal regulations slowing the economy to a crawl,  failure  of effective international and domestic security measures,   and out-of-control health care costs. 

·          Ineffective and inadequate gun control laws are the root cause of terrorist-related incidents. 

·         None of the highly publicized incidents – in Chicago, at Stony Brook,  Fort Hood,  San Bernadino, or Orlando – would have been prevented by strict gun control laws, except, perhaps, by a ban on assault weapons. 

·         Thanks to Obama policies,   ISIS is in retreat around the world. What is needed is patience with the current approach – killing ISIS leaders with drones,  economic sanctions, periodic air strikes avoiding collateral damage to civilians, and avoiding U.S. troops on the ground.

·          John Brennan, head of the CIA,   says  ISIS is on the rise and is rapidly metastasizing outside of  its Middle Eastern and North African bases.   We need to tear out ISIL at its roots;  send in U.S. ground troops in concert with allied troops,  to do the job;  identify ISIL by its name “extreme Islamic terrorists”; and  either stop,  arrest,  and put ISIL-inspired dissidents under close surveillance. 

·         Assiduous application of ObamaCare policies will ultimately increase quality,  lower costs, and expand access for all.
·         Thus far,  over six years into ObamaCare,  the health law has not increased quality, lowered costs,  or expanded overall access for the middle class, indeed, the opposite is true.
·          Federal regulation, and impugning the motives of the medical industrial complex and  physicians,  will achieve its aim of improving  U.S. health system outcomes. 

·          To date,  CMS initiatives and regulations,  have not lowered costs or improved performance of Accountable Care Organizations or of primary care physicians, or increased  satisfaction of health care consumers ( “Early Performance of Accountable Care Organizations in Medicare,” “Two-Year Costs and Quality in the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative,” NEJM, June 16, 2016).


·         Sooner or later,  physicians and the American public will recognize the wisdom and effectiveness of federal intervention  into the health care system. 

·         Maybe, but we’re not there yet.   Other than a few groups, like  the 2000 members Physicians for National Health Care,  60% of physicians in national surveys are pessimistic about benefits of top-down government intervention.  So too, is the public at large, with more than 50% showing disapproval of ObamaCare.

·         The phrase “extreme Islamic terrorism” should never be used because it besmirches the entire Islamic religion and all Muslim.
·         The phrase “extreme Islamic terrorism” is  useful because it specifically identifies the enemy of Western civilization and clarifies what must be dome to defeat Islamic extremists, who are a tiny minority of all Muslims.

·         Islamophobia” and “homophobia” are incendiary, hateful, linked hate words that express an  underlying attitude of American culture.

·         There is little evidence that Americans systematically hate its 3.3 million Muslim citizens or deprive members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,  Transgender community of their rights.

·         The New York Times  has accused Republicans of corrosive politics  that contributed to the Orlando tragedy and of the “complicity” and “exploiting of prejudices”  by  the NRA and by implication  Donald Trump in shaping the mindset of the Orlando assassin.

·         The Orlando tragedy is not the fault of any particular political party.  There is plenty of blame to go around, but most of it should be directed at ISIS,  and its policies of punishing the infidels and non-believers in Shiaria Law, not at a political party. 


·         The principle problem making the Orlando massacre possible was the availability of assault weapons and the failure of sufficient background checks to identify potential killers.  The killers at Sandy Hook and Savannah were, after all, not Muslims, but mentally unstable white men.

·         ISIS propaganda inspires lone-wolf martyrs to kill infidels.  Most Muslims are law-abiding citizens,  but unfortunately  recent mass killers – in Chattanooga,  Fort Hood,  San Bernadino, and Oregon – have been radical Islam extremists who have passed background checks and legally purchased guns.  Stricter  gun control  will  help, particularly banning assault weapon,s  but so would surveillance of mosques, stricter vetting of  Muslin immigrants,  and allowing the FBI and other law agencies to be less political correct in questioning and retaining suspicious Muslims.
When pondering the  performance and effectiveness of the Obama administration  and Republicans,  look not at the good intentions but at the tangible results.   In the words of Groucho Marx, who after catching his wife in bed with another man,  denied  anything was going on and asked  his wife, “Who are you going to trust,  me or your lying eyes?”

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