Wednesday, June 15, 2016

After Orlando Massacre, What Do Americans Want?
It’s time for a change
Familiar Campaign Slogan
It’s three days since a 29 year old American of Afghan descent,  in a pause after slaughtering 49 mostly gays,  pledged allegiance to ISIS on a 911 call
The unified response to the tragedy among Orlando citizens has been  impressive, but left these questions unsettled and unanswered.  What should the government response be? Should it be a declaration of war against ISIS?  Are  the current anti-ISIS tactics  adequate?  Has political correctness, i.e, not using the term “Islamic extremist”, contributed to the mayhem?    Have we, as a nation, reached our limit of tolerance against Muslim extremists, or indeed, against the Muslim religion as a whole?
We may have reached a political turning point.    National security may be about to become the central issue in the presidential  campaign.
What do Americans want?   
They want change.
They want action, not words.   They want concrete results,  not good intentions.    They want facts, not opinions.  They want to know what the Koran and Sharia Law teaches ,  how this teaching influences Muslims in general, and  how specifically it inspires extremists and how its provisions of its religion effect attitudes towards gays, Jews,  women, and Christians.    They want security and safety, not fear of death.   They want  compromise and forward steps,  not partisanship and mudslinging of the past.   They want   tolerance, equality, and equal opportunity  among the sexes, no matter what their gender orientation,   not  recrimination and hatred.  They want to know what government  and politicians are doing to achieve these goals.

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