Sunday, June 5, 2016

 Candidate Endgame
The final stage or process of some action or process after a major reduction of forces.
Definition,  Endgame

Now that we are close to final pairings,
After eliminating most competing earthlings,

What will be final stages of the endgame?
What candidates will we in the end name?

With whom does the key to our future reside?
Who  should we trust and finally confide?

Should we look to populist Donald Trump?
Who belches fire, smoke and insults from the stump?

Should we go with safe status quo Hillary?
Who has decided Donald Trump to pillory?

Should we cast our lot with Bernie Sanders?
Who refuses to be one of the bystanders?

Should we pick an independent candidate?
To be the final bearer of our fate?

Who knows in whose hands our fate resides?
Who knows with whom and where  to take sides?

Who will be lesser of unfavorable evils?
Who will cause less or more upheavals?

The answers lie in how and what you think.
And who you believe  will cause the least stink.

Whatever the ultimate resolution,
Let’s hope it will not cause our dissolution.

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