Saturday, June 18, 2016

No Absolute  Truths
No part of the political spectrum has a monopoly on truth.

Max Boot,   “The Long War:  To Stop Future Attacks, Wall Street Journal, June 18-19, 2016)

A June 14-15 Gallup polls reveals the following:

U.A. Adults, Republicans, Independents, Democrats

             Causes of Orlando Tragedy:  ISIS or Gun Violence

             U.S. Adults   GOP      Independents  Democrats

ISIS             48%            79%                 44%                 29%

Guns           41%           16%                 42%                 60%

Both              6%             1%                   9%                   7%

The results could not be more stark.   Republicans and Democrats could not be more divided on the root causes of the Orlando massacre. 
And our political leaders – Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump,  could not be more wrong. “We Need Solutions from All Sides: Better Security and Surveillance at Home, a Vigorous Fight Abroad, and the Support of Muslim Moderates Everywhere.” 
A similar divide, less stark, applies to health care , Republicans favoring repeal of ObamaCare and less government intervention,   Democrats leading towards expansion of ObamaCare  and more government regulations, and Independents somewhere in the middle.
Truth be known, we need solutions  from all sides:   a  more efficient federal bureaucracy  will less emphasis on intervention  into doctor-patient relations,   a wiser widening of the social  safety net  where feasible,    and support of moderate Americans  for solutions  that do not threaten the individual liberties  or choice of doctors and health plans.


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