Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump on Winning
Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
Saying often attributed to Vince Lombardi (1913-1970). Green Bay Packer Football Coach, but what Lombardi actually said was, “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”
Yesterday Donald Trump won primary victories in the Mariana Islands, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois and finished second in Ohio.  Trump now has 673 delegates compared to 411 for Cruz, 143 for Kasich. To win the GOP nomination outright before the Cleveland GOP convention,   Trump must win 564 of 1061 remaining delegates.
In remarks following his victories, Trump said the election campaign was about winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, and winning.

To hear The Donald tell it, winning is about.

·         Making America great again.
·         Telling it the way it is.

·         Defeating ISIS.
  • Rebuilding the military.
  • Building a wall between U.S. and Mexico
·         Negotiating  new trade policies with  China, Mexico, Japan, and other nations. 

·         Getting along with Putin.

·         Persuading Hispanics, blacks, women, and the young to join his cause.

·          Enlarging the Republican Party, by gaining millions of  disenfranchised silent majority voters who have never voted before to his campaign. 

·          Winning over all Americans to his health care views by vowing not to cut Medicare and Medicaid and to ultimately achieve universal coverage.

·         Winning the fight to cut health care costs by fostering competition across state lines and removing barriers to that competition.

·         Being accessible to all media,  by using  media techniques like tweets for maximal exposure,  by crowding others off the media stage,  by criticizing the media for not being fair, and by not spending his own money.

·          Attacking the “establishment” of his own and the other party, as being puppets of those who contribute money to their parties.

·         Saying he is the only one who can negotiate “win-win” deals with members of his party, the other party, and with friends and foes of foreign nations.

·         Being triumphant in victory and gracious in defeat.

·         Belittling   one’s rivals while inflating one’s virtues.

·         Recognizing that strict and pure conservatism is not a winning strategy in an increasingly  secular nation, but common sense conservatism may win the day.


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