Sunday, March 27, 2016

Surprise! Surprise?  ObamaCare Costs Rise as 22 Million More Enroll in
Health exchanges and Medicaid are costing  more than anticipated because those enrolling in both  programs are older and sicker than projected.  This influx of these older and sicker folk rather than the young and healthy have caused health plans,  including UnitedHealth, to announce they may withdraw from  exchanges in 2017,  and some states are not participating in the new Medicaid programs.   No  matter what occurs,  all predict  government will be forced to bail out money-losing plans, which will  add to taxpayer burdens and the federal deficit.  
None of this comes as a surprise.  But what does surprise is that the  22 million enrolled in Medicaid are nearly twice the number  joining health exchanges.    
This wave of new Medicaid enrollees will drive up costs to the federal  government by $110 billion  in 2016, and by $1.4 trillion by 2016,  or $136 billion over original estimates.  
Democrats are rejoicing.   This huge jump in Medicaid enrollment,  they  maintain,  shows the law is righting the wrongs of social injustice.     But GOP governors are balking at the costs to their states.   Democrats retort by  observing: “What’s $136 billion among friends?   Just send the bill to taxpayers and  those working for a living.”
That Medicaid raises costs should not surprise.
CMS programs historically mount to the skies.
Critics complain this adds  to the budget crunch.
Recipients explain there is such a thing as a free lunch.
Not to worry,  social justice is worth any price.

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