Friday, March 11, 2016

Can Trump Help Us Become a Can-do Nation Again?
March 11, 2017 -   Some people are calling next Tuesday, March 16,  Titanic Tuesday because 2 of the 4 GOP Presidential  candidate are likely to sink beneath  the waves.
At this juncture,   these things seem to be true:
1)       Mario Rubio is toast. 

2)      John Kasish has no way forward. 

3)     Ted Cruz, to be credible, must extend his base beyond strict conservatives and judgmental evangelicals.

4)      Donald Trump, thanks in no small part to Dr. Ben Carson’s endorsement,  is likely to be the GOP nominee.
Trump  says he is a can-do guy.  Thanks to the millions of new GOP voters,  he asserts,  the Republicans and the nation can become great again.   And thanks to his business experience on both sides of the political divide,  he says he can make deals that will  work to the benefit of both sides and to the nation as well.
But can he?

Can he boost economy and lift employment  by reducing taxes,  tamping down regulations, and negotiating better trade deals?
Can he help conservatives and evangelicals  win a general election in a secular nation, which tends to embrace liberal social policies?
Can he ward off the GOP establishment, whatever that is, which seeks to block his nomination?
Can he bridge the gap between Republicans and blacks, Hispanics,   Muslims,  pacifists, cultural elites, millenials,  and those  who spout  politically correct rhetoric?
Can he repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a sensible plan that covers more,  costs less, crosses state lines, expands a choice, and satisfies the skeptical middle class who find the current system increasingly unaffordable  and difficult to access?
Can he make America safer by defeating ISIS and other extremists without sacrificing too many American lives?
Can he be trusted to make Supreme Court decisions that uphold  the Constitution?
Here are a series of quotes that may help us in making the decision whether to vote for Donald Ttrump.
He who can does.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).

Our chief aim in liefe is somebody who make us do whqt we can.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

I ought,  therefore I can.

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

And my favorite.

This very remarkable man
Commends a most remarkable plan:
You can do what you want,
If you don’t think you can’t.
So don’t think you can’t
Think you can.

Charles Inge (1868-1957)
Maybe,  just maybe, we an make America great again.

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