Thursday, March 17, 2016

D.C. Hysteria
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
American idiom indicating that if something is working reasonably well, don’t tamper with it.
According to my dictionary, hysteria is defined as emotional excitability with behavior exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear of emotional excess. And according to a former Gerald Ford speechwriter, D.C stands for Darkness and Confusion.
Hysteria and Darkness and Confusion were in full display in today’s Washington Post,   the house organ for the Washington, D.C. establishment.  
The Post featured three pieces reflecting hysteria and confusion.
·         Editorial,  “To Defend Our Democracy against Trump, the GOP Must Aim for a Brokered Convention 

·         Jennifer Rubin,  “We Can’t Defend Our Democracy Against a Thug” 

·         Michael Gerson,  “Republicans Stain Themselves by Sticking with Trump”
How dare Trump and Republican primary voters, who have turned out in unprecedented numbers,  50% to 100% above the norm of past elections,  have the effrontery to question the wisdom of the Washington-based establishment,  to suggest that Washington does not reflect the will of the people, to question why ObamaCare is neither efficient or effective in lowering costs or quality of care,  to say there ‘s something degrading about the shrinkage of  middle class incomes,  to redistribute their wealth  from the barely  have’s to the not-so-bad off  have-nots for political gain,   to  intimate that there’s something wrong with six or the seven most affluent counties  in the land being with spitting  suburb distance of D.C.
How dare Trump and the GOP do this when we, the Washington  elite,  know that Trump would impose a tariff on Chinese goods that would spark  a trade war and a global recession,  would enact a tax plan that would bankrupt the nation,  and furthermore,  Trump would  and has  embraced violence,  demonized whites and Christians, engaged in dark conspiracies,  made sweeping lies, advocated killing of families of terrorists,  flirted with the Ku Klux Klan and libeled Mexicans and Muslims, deprive subsidized Americans of health care.
Settle down Washington.   Contain your hysteria.  Don’t strain or stain yourself prematurely.  One man's thug is another man's pug.  Keep in the mind the primaries are being conducted according to democratic rules in a democratic manner  that says the GOP  winner will be someone with more than 1273 delegates,  that similar rules apply to the Democrat winner,  who will be Hillary Clinton, the honesty of whom 60% of voters distrust.
     All the world does not think as you think, and everybody is entitled to their opinion.

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