Sunday, November 1, 2015

Obama Administration to Scrape Bottom of Barrel to Sign Up Uninsured

When ObamaCare’s third enrollment period starts on November 1, an army of ObamaCare “navigators” and”advocates” will be out there, beating the ObamaCare and Medicaid drums and scouring the bottom of social barrels in search of new enrollees.

Navigators and advocates will be at work on fishing piers and villages in Maine, public libraries in rural Iowa, insurer-run retail malls in Minnesota, churches everywhere, and prisons in Florida.

In Florida, federally funded navigators will visit prisons to explain to prisoners how they can sign up for ObamaCare when they are discharged in 2 months. Navigators will fish for enrollees in Maine, and elsewhere, in community clinics, at community colleges, even at 4H clubs so children can persuade their parents to sign on.

ObamaCare advocates will visits bars and college hangouts to persuade ObamaCare holdouts to sign on the dotted line, join the ranks of Medicaid, or face $695 penalties.

Many of the remaining 30 million uninsured, don’t have computers with which to sign on; don’t see the need for coverage; regard themselves as healthy and invincible; believe ObamaCare plans are too expensive, as many are with their rising premiums; think they have better and more fun ways to spend their money; are reluctant to become wards of the Medicaid state; or are simply unaware the compassionate federal government can’t wait to subsidize them if they are eligible, which is, in itself , an unfathomable story.

In any event, it’s roll-out-the-barrel and turn-the barrel - upside-down time to see who resides at the bottom. The government hopes to sign up 10 million by the end of 2016, either in ObamaCare plans or in Medicaid, just in time to declare victory before the election. It’s going to be barrel of funds.

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