Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is ObamaCare Imploding or Exploding?

Obamanites insist the health law is set to explode to rival Medicare and Medicaid as popular federal programs to protect the public by making health care affordable.
This has not yet happened in the 7 years since the health law passed. But, argue advocates. big time, complex, compassionate social initiatives affecting millions take time, or so the government elites say. Maybe ObamaCare just has a long fuse, about to ignite.

Conservatives maintain 7 years is long enough to judge the merits of any social program, and ObamaCare will implode once its consequences - higher premiums, massive deductibles, rising out of pocket expenses, and limited access and choice of doctors, hospitals, and health plans become evident.

The conservative worldview does not sit well with progressives “who believe they are smarter than the masses, who think people are not capable of self-government, who fancy themselves as intelligent social designers, or who simply have a hard time imagining non-command-and-control solutions to problems”.

So reasons Matt Ridley, an evolutionary biologist, in his book The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge (Harper, 2015), like the Internet and the mobile phone revolution.

Ridley says, “ Far more than we like to admit, the world is to a remarkable extent a self-organizing, self-changing place…Skeins of geese form Vs in the sky without meaning to, termites build cathedrals without architects, bees make hexagonal honeycombs without instruction, brains take shape without brain-makers, learning can happen without teaching, political events are shaped by history rather than vice-versa.”

Maybe people and their doctors can self-organize a health system a system that suits both. Maybe overwrought central planning is unnecessary. Maybe we can create a better balance between top-down design and bottom-up freedom. Maybe we ought to decentralize than centralize care. Maybe in a self-organizing system we can achieve a more patient-friendly, convenient, and less costly system.

Maybe all those ObamaCare skeptics writing about the “ObamaCare implosion” are right with articles entitled “ObamaCare Rapidly Imploding” ; “The Slow Motion Implosion of ObamaCare;” The ObamaCare Implosion is Worst Than Thought”; “The ObamaCare Co-Op Implosion”; “Watch ObamaCare Implode”; “ObamaCare Implosion: It’s Not Just the Website.”

Maybe ObamaCare will explode, as others are saying “ObamaCare’s Medical Enrollment Explosion”; “Overhead Costs Explosion under ObamaCare”; “ US Welfare Costs Explode under ObamaCare”, “Insurers Predict 100% to 400% ObamaCare Rate Explosion.” “To explode is to burst forth with force, noise, and emotion. ‘

It seems to me, ObamaCare is both implosive and explosive, with the explosive preceding the implosive.

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