Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Compassion Gone Awry

He who mocks runs risk of being mockedl


Suddenly, after the ISIS Paris attacks, compassion has gone out fashion. Governors of 31 states, 29 Republican, have said they will not accept Syrian refugees until the refugees can be properly vetted.

President has responded by mocking the Governors in particular and Republicans in general as enemies of compassion, afraid of allowing 3 year old Syrian orphans and their widowed mothers into the country, neglecting to mention that 70% of refugees are adult male and potential terrorists.

This conflict between Obama and his critics is understandable. Compassion has long been considered the hallmark of America (“Bring me your huddled masses”) and of the Democratic party, who believes most refugees will become dependable Democratic voters.

Besides, asserts the President, we cannot condemn Syrians on the basis on their Muslim religion “that is not the American way.”

Republicans counter after Paris, we are at war with radical Islam extremists. While it is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are Muslims, and we cannot reliably differentiate between the two.

Compassion is not necessarily compassionate, if:

• Terrorists are using the current mass influx of refugees from the Middle East and Africa as a screen to hide terrorists.

• The growing number of indigenous Muslim citizens do not assimilate into society and pledge allegiance to Allah and ISIS rather than to their host country, thereby posing a terrorist threat.

• The policies of the Obama administration prevent or restrain all-out attacks on oil facilities and command posts at the heart of the ISIS caliphate in the name of compassion and political expediency for fear if afflicting collateral damage.

There is no end in sight to this ideological conflict. War is war, and war is hell. Peace is better, but not if it invites surrender to an ideology that vows to dominate the world and rid it of infidels, no matter how innocent, if they do not submit to your faith.

Mocking your opponents for their lack of compassion when your anti-terrorism policies are not working is not likely to be productive.

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