Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Media Bias

I’m anxiously awaiting the appearance of Carly Florina.
On The View to discuss bias of the mainstream media.

I‘ve read Daniel Goldberg’s book on CBS bias,
How Dan Rather et al were too left and pious.

Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin may be too conservative,
Fox News may be serving as right wing preservative.

But as I weigh scales of being conservative or liberal,
I try not to be overly, obviously, or viscerally critical,

And I keep in mind the words of Sir William Gilbert.

Who said of one’s politics never be too overt:

“ I often think it’comical

How nature always does contrive

That every boy and every gal,

That’s born in the world alive,

Is either a little Liberal.

Or else a little Conservative!”

Source: The Mikado, 1885, Act I

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