Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Numbers if Supreme Court Rules Against Federal Subsidies

None of us really understands what’s going on with all those numbers.

David Stockman (born 1946), Director of Management and Budget under President Reagan

Just give me the numbers. I will understand.


Here are the numbers for you out there seeking to understand what happens if the Supreme Court renders an adverse opinion on subsidies in federal health exchanges.

13 states operating their own exchanges would be unaffected.

87% enrolled in 37 states with federal health exchanges would be affected,

9.3 million could lose $28.8 billion in subsidies.

150 million who pay taxes would gain from loss.

Number of uninsured could rise by 8.2 million.

Premiums could rise by 47% with a 70% drop in enrollments.

Supreme Court decision would take effect in 25 days.

Congress could make decision go away by striking 1 phrase out of current health law “established by the state.”

Neither of the 2 sides, Democratic or Republican, has yet articulated a comprehensive alternative.

If the 2 sides do articulate an alternative , if I may quote Dr. Seuss, “You will see something new. Two things. And I call them Thing One and Thing Two.”

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