Sunday, February 15, 2015

Synopsis of ObamaCare Story

I am now in the process of writing and completing my tetalogy of books on ObamaCare, one man’s story of this nearly 5 year old health law. It is not easy to sum up what I have said about this confusing, complex, controversial law whose history has yet to be written and whose future may hinge on the Supreme Court ruling on federal subsidies in June 2015.

My four books are titled : 1) The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions; 2) There Is No Such Thing As a Free Launch; 3) The Party’s Over; and 4) Alive and Still Kicking.

Each of the books consists of blogs organized into 12 to 14 chapters covering these subjects: up-and-downs of implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act; Obama mindset and philosophy; two health exchange rollouts; impact on physicians and hospitals; consequences for consumers; political fall outs; the roles and influences of the media and the bully pulpit; individual and employer mandates; technologies and innovations; Veteran’s administration scandals; implications of Professor Jonathon Gruber’s revelations; health system changes; interviews with physicians and others engaged in concierge medicine; ObamaCare and the Supreme Court; and various personal and miscellaneous observations, including interpretive poems.

I shall not try to summarize what I have said in over 500 blogs written daily during the heat of ObamaCare’s confusions, controversies, and uncertainties, The blogs stretch over 1000 pages. It’s too complicated a matter to deal with in this short synopsis.

For a taste of what I have said, you may want to order The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions: the ObamaCare Story, now available on Kindle.

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