Tuesday, February 24, 2015

American Court of Opinion: Liberal Amicus Briefs

Amicus briefs educate the court on points of law that are in doubt or organize information to raise awareness that the court might not otherwise be aware of on social issues.

Definition, Amicus Brief

As is my custom, I read the New York Times Sunday Week in to see what the left is thinking.

Among the pickings these week arel

A puff piece on 81 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Gail Collins, “The Unsinkable R.B.G.: The Nonretiring Justice Ginsberg”) , who is “planning to be on the bench when the Court decides mammoth issues like the future of the Affordable Care Act and the national right of gay couples to marry.”

On page 14 of the front section (Robert Pear, “Flood of Briefs on Health Law’s Subsidies”) on why America’s hospitals, insurance industry, and other health industry stakeholders are deluging courts with briefs to convince them to maintain federal subsidies on the health care exchanges.

An article in in the Week in Review section by Steven Rattner on why ObamaCare has improved the quality of health care and largely delivered on its promises. *For Tens of Millions , ObamaCare Is Working”.)

Among the facts on ObamaCare’s achievements, according to Rattner, are these.

A drop in the number of uninsured from 42 million by 13.4 million to 28.9 million.

A drop in “inferior plans,” i.e. those not meeting ObamaCare’s 10 essential benefits standards.

New benefits for 31 million Americans who signed up for health exchanges, became recipients in expanded Medicaid plans, or participated in plans in which they were previously denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or in which young adults under 26 could nto participate in their parents’ health plans.

Rattner concludes:

“The program still faces challenges – notably a Supreme Court decision in June that has the potential to undermine the program in many states. There are disappointments , too: millions of Americans faced higher premiums after being forced off substandard plans.”

Rattner might have added, for tens of millions ObamaCare is not working too: for American small businessmen who must drop full-time and part-time employers from coverage, for the young and healthy forced to pay higher premiums for older and sicker Americans are pay penalties they can ill afford, for the American middle class forced to pay higher premiums and deductible and to switch from their current health plans and doctors with which they are satisfied, for American physicians who can no longer afford to stay in private independent practice because of mandated EHRs, cuts in reimbursement , and regulations, and American taxpayers who must pay $500 billion so far and an estimated $1,5 to $2 trillion over the next decade.

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