Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Point of No Return

At what point does ObamaCare reach the point of no return – when there is no turning back, when the health law must go forward, when it must be repealed or replaced?

Those are the questions that are boggling political minds.

Will the point be? Are we there yet?

• Will it be when ObamaCare health exchange enrollment reaches 10 million? We will be nearly there by February 15, when the 2nd enrollment period ends. People will ask, how in the name of humanity, can we divest 10 million previously uninsured of their subsidies when subsidies are their only path to health insurance?

• Will it be when hospitals and health plans, who have bet billions of dollars and their financial futures on the success of ObamaCare and the health exchanges, rise up to defend ObamaCare and unleash their lobbyists in the halls of Congress?

• Will it be when the mainstream press, in spasms of righteous indignation, blasts the Republicans and all who would shred the government social welfare safety net?

• Will it be when American public opinion turns against taking back subsidies the government has promised and given, or contrarily, will be when anger erupts among the subsidized over the unexpected penalties they must pay on April 15?

• Will it be when the middle class and the young revolt against the redistribution policies of the Obama adminstiration?

• Will it be when the Supreme Court rules in late June that federal health exchanges are illegal, and by so doing, pull the rug out under individual and employer mandates, the two main pillars of ObamaCare and massively disrupt the entire insurance system?

• Will it be when President Obama vetoes GOP ObamaCare repeal, and the GOP has no politically acceptable alternative to cover the unininsured?

• Will it be when the GOP repeals ObamaCare through the reconciliation process, the same process by which the Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act in the first place?

At what point is the point beyond which we must continue the present course ob OBamaCare when the odds of turning back are politically impossible, financially insurmountable, or overly dangerous for those already subsidized?

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