Saturday, May 3, 2014

Physicians and Surgeons Conference
Marriott Airport -
May 9 - Noon to 6 PM
Former Minnesota Medical Journal Editor, Richard L. Reece, MD, and Forbes contributor, Merrill Matthews, PhD bookend a day of speakers.

Marriott Minneapolis, on I-494 near the Mall of America
Conference beings at
12:30 PM with speakers scheduled until 6:00 PM
Dinner with speakers follows the conference
Individual interviews with speakers can be arranged by contacting Dave Racer -- 651.705.8583.

Physician speakers from across the country (see conference details here) come to the Marriott Minneapolis on Friday, May 9, to describe from their own experiences one of the fastest growing trends in the provision of health care - the rapid growth of Direct Pay Independent Practice medicine.

Physicians and surgeons tell their personal story of why and how they built cash practices, and threw off Medicare, Medicaid, and the insurance reimbursement system. This conference is a continuation of a narrative that is growing among physicians who are increasingly tired of government and third party payer interference in their encounters with patients.

The first session keynoter is Richard L. Reece, MD, of Connecticut, former editor of the Minnesota Medical Journal, blogging now at Medinnovation and Health Reform.

The evening dinner keynoter is Texan Merrill Matthews, PhD, Forbes contributor and Resident Scholar at the Institute for Policy Analysis.

Media is welcomed at the conference. If you want to arrange an interview in advance of the conference with one of the speakers, contact Dave Racer. 651.705.8583

May 9, 2014 - Noon until 6 PM. Dinner to follow. Marriott Airport.

More details are available on the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons website

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