Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Forces for Direct Pay Care Gather As ObamaCare Alternative 

Modern politics is, at bottom, a struggle not of men but of forces. 

Henry Adams (1838-1918), The Education of Henry Adams

Men will find that they can prepare with mutual aid far more easily what they need, and avoid more easily the perils which beset them from all sides, by uniting forces.

Benedict Spinoza (1631-1677), Ethics

Forces for direct independent pay,  and for individualism and against government homogeneity,   are gathering on multiple fronts to form a free market coalition.

These forces are reacting to unhappiness of the public and the medical profession to broken ObamaCare promises and to the general sense that government is not capable of providing efficient and effective health care.

Multiple events and organizations exemplify this gathering of like-minded forces.

They include:

·         The May 9 “Survive and Thrive” meeting of the American Association of Physician and Surgeons in Minneapolis, the theme of which was that the Direct Independent Pay Practice Wave was rapidly growing.

·         The April formation of the Free Market Medical Association,  which is gathering members to mobilize  market forces.    It will hold a conference in Oklahoma City on September 26-27 to demonstrate the power of these forces.

·         The work of Daniel Goldberg of New York City, who has founded an organization called “The Free Market Health Group,” to serve as a public relations and marketing vehicle to articulate and advance the cause of free market health care.

·         The success of the Oklahoma Surgery Center model  in Oklahoma City in transforming the health care market by announcing global prices on the net and bringing national attention of the attractiveness and workability of this model  to individual consumers and self-funded corporations, both of whom are seeking lower costs, and providing simpler,  less bureaucratic,  and more convenient options to ObamaCare.

·         The announcement by  Castle Connolly Ltd, a highly  successful  20 year old firm that has pioneered the selection of top doctors across the United States and in Europe, and  that  is creating a Concierge Doctors division. 

      The work of the Klempton Premier Providers, a new and exclusive group who offer a new type of pricing structure for select, self-funded plans. Their pricing is up-front, all-inclusive, deeply discounted, and completely transparent. This means Plan savings of up to 70% and the Plan also pays covered charges up to 100%. With Kempton Premier Providers™, employees can say goodbye to high deductibles and skyrocketing prices (on select procedures and services). 

      The Market Institute, in Alexandria, Virginia,  is dedicated to bringing free market pro-growth policies to Capitol Hill. It  works with non-profit charities, associations, membership organizations, and private businesses to amplify their work by informing elected officials and Capitol Hill staff.

 And, of course, there are variety of conservative think tanks,   the Galen Institute,  the Cato Institute,  the American Enterprise Institute, and the Hoover Institute,  seeking to convey and do the research, to make the point that  free markets and economic growth are more powerful  than government regulation  in  developing  a health care system offering freedom,  choice, and quality to Americans. 

Tweet:  A number of events and organizations  are at work to developing a countervailing force to  ObamaCare.  

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