Monday, May 5, 2014

There’s No  Business Like Health Business**

Your system is liable to period crises  at five to ten year intervals, which wrecked the industries of the nation.

Edward Bellamy (1850-1898), Looking Backward (1888)

When five years ago, government decided to go into the public business of providing health care for the nation’s already insured workers,  government created a created a series of periodic  convulsions, business crises and  new options for America’s businesses.

·         How to afford to pay for comprehensive coverage of employees.

·         How to avoid financial penalties  for not offering comprehensive coverage.

·         How to switch workers to ObamaCare approved  plans, with often higher costs for  the business and higher premiums and deductibles for workers.

·         Whether to hire full-time or part-time workers to minimize health coverage expenses.

Another Option

Now,  there is another option – contracting  directly and paying  directly in cash with independent health systems and independent primary care physicians and specialists for services rendered.  

·         Walmart and GE  have done this by contracting directly  with 4 health systems for knee and hip replacements  without intervening  3rd parties.  

·         Businesses in Wichita, America’s airport capitol, and  elsewhere have done it by dealing directly and paying cash for global primary care services with concierge physician services.   

·         Businesses in Oklahoma City have done it by sending workers needing outpatient surgeries to the Oklahoma Surgery Center in Oklahoma City.

      What are the business and health care benefits  with these new contractural arrangements?
One,  costs are transparent and upfront and are accessible online.

Two, costs are limited because the costs are provided on a global basis, with all service costs included for one package prices, with no downstream surprises.
Three, costs are lower than those offered by hospitals through 3rd party insurers.

Four , costs are usually free of bureaucratic restrictions and regulations  inherent in ObamaCare approved health plans.

Five,  the contractural arrangements are free-market based and are therefore negotiable. 
Tweet:  A new alternative wave to ObamaCare and 3rd party arrangements is surfacing across the nation,  direct pay contracting with independent physician and health care groups.


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