Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six Self-Evident Truths

1)       ObamaCare remains as unpopular in public polls as it did just after passage, i.e., by double digit margins.

2)     ObamaCare  has not significantly decreased the number of uninsured if you factor in cancelled policies.

3)     Since its passage, premiums and deductibles and cost of care have steadily increased.

4)      The central issue facing ObamaCare  remains Big Government  versus Free Markets, in what combination and how balanced.

5)     The future of ObamaCare hinges on the November midterm elections, which in turn,  may hinge on the magnitude of  premium increases in June.

6)   No consensus or universally accepted alternative, or set of alternatives to ObamaCare  has yet to emerge: it is still half-dozen of one, and six of the other.

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