Friday, February 21, 2014

The ObamaCare Omelette

To make this omelette you must break a thousand eggs.

Charles Krauthammer mD (born 1950), “Rhetoric Vs. Reality,” November 4, 2013,  Washington Post

In making an  ObamaCare omelette.

It is best to follow this menu-ette

Do not break the fragile public  trust egg.

Which remains a political  powder keg.

Do not break Republiccan’s cracked egg,

Which is still a  unanimous vote neg.

Do not whip up the underling yolk,

Which binds doubtful  loyal  union folk.

Please do not agitate the white matter,

Who are losing health plans in the batter.

Please keep the  young and poor in the omelette.

Break thoseeggs and that will end your vignette.
Tweet:  ObamaCare is an unmade  omelette,  you have to break many eggs to make it.

1 comment:

Third News said...

No. Obamacare is a finished omelet that some are ready to gormandize but isn't not even made of eggs.

What is it's ingredient? The wondermonger doesn't even know. It was never about anything other than the idea