Sunday, February 2, 2014

New York Times Reaction to GOP Health Plan

For every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727),  Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

The  New York Times editorial board opposes the  GOP’s alternative CARE health plan, which is said by Republicans  to expand choice, empower consumers,  create  more responsibility among patients and dcotors,  and  cancel ObamaCare mandates.

The Times says the GOP plan is a bad plan.  It would try to replace the Affordable Care Act,  “likely “ cover fewer people, raise premiums for many older adults,  shrink Medicaid, scale back protections for pre-existing conditions, and allow private insurers to escape to escape consumer-friendly requirements.


“The Republican plan would be costly and disruptive – to millions of Americans who have already signed up for private plans or Medicaid or will do so in the next few years; to insurance companies; and to state insurance commissioners who have  backed th existing law and spent substantial amounts of money to carry it out.”

No mention is made  of how “costly and disruptive” ObamaCare already is..  The health law  is now estimated to cost $2.6 trillion, three times its original estimate, and it has disrupted the health care industry by turning 1/6 of the American economy upside down and  subjected it to inefficient bureaucratic  control. 
Nothing is said about the real possibility  the GOP plan could  cover more people, that many Americans favor ObamaCare repeal,  that millions would receive tax credits for health care spending,  that ObamaCare drasticallly  raises premiums and deductibles for millions in the middle class, that it has resulted in  millions of health plan cancellations, that cancellations may exceed number of enrollments,  that Americans live in fear of losing their doctors and hospital affiliations, that their choice of doctors,  treatment options, and places to be treated will be limited; that more than half of state insurance commissioners have elected not to participate in Medicaid expansion,  that the uninsured look unfavorably on health exchanges by a two to one ration, and that 60% of Americans oppose the health law as currently structured.

Tweet:   The New York Times editorial board vigorously and viscerally opposes the latest GOP plan to reform the health system.

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