Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Three Year ObamaCare Moratorium

An authorization, such as that of a nation, permitting temporary suspension of payment, a deferment or delay in any action.


Larry Kudlow, former Bush economic advisor and host of the Kudlow Report, whose motto is “Free enterprise is the path to prosperity,” has proposed a three year moratorium on ObamaCare as a Republican campaign theme.

His Reasoning?

It would make Republicans electable.  It would simplify their message. It would allow a full debate of ObamaCare. And  it would ratify or extend the 25 to 30 changes the President has already made in his health care law to make it politically palatable.

Changes To Be Debated and Reconsidered?

“All of it: The mandates. The time extensions. The taxes. The regulations. The job losses. The reductions in hours worked. The part-time hiring. The website. The potential taxpayer bailout of insurance companies. The verification of income. The lack of personal security and threat of ID theft. And the whole wet blanket that Obamacare has thrown over the economy and the health-care system.”

The Timing?

The  three years to begin in early 2015, after the midterms, to be  reported  to Congress in 2017, and  to the new President.

The Rationale?

It would promote healthcare freedom and economic growth, and it would replace ObamaCare, which Kudlow views as a U.S. economic Waterloo.

The Prospects?

Not great, even if Republicans sweep the midterms and capture the Senate. President Obama and Democrats would not accept such a concept,  given their belief that big government, not free enterprise, is the twin engine of prosperity and social equity.

My Conclusion?

Kudlow’s idea – a three year  moratorium,

Sending health law to the crematorium,

May strike GOP as a solid campaign theme,

That would give their message a head of steam.

But Dems won’t like idea of  health emporium,

Debated in a public auditorium

Tweet:  Larry Kudlow of Kudlow Report has advanced idea of three year ObamaCare moratorium, which will likely  be DOA among Democrats.

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