Thursday, February 6, 2014

Characteristics of Successful Health Systems with Notes 

Preface:  The bold print characteristics outlined  below are from  article by Balabanova, D. Mills, A, Conteh, L, et al, “Good Health at Low Costs 25 years on: Lessons for the Future of Health Systems Strengthening,” Lancet, 2013: pages 2118-2133.   The notes are mine.

Have vision and long term strategies

ObamaCare has vision and long term strategy, but is it the right vision and the  right strategy?

Take into account the constraints imposed by history and previous decisions

ObamaCare may not take into account previous administrations'  failures to achieve universal coverage because of constraints of American free enterprise market-driven culture.

Build consensus at the societal level.

The consensus is not yet built.

Allow flexibility and autonomy in decision-making.

This is arguably  ObamaCare’s greatest failing.

Are resilient and learn from experience , feeding back into the policy cycle.

This is happening but slowly and reluctantly.

Receive support from the broader governance and socioeconomic context and are in harmony with the popular culture and population preference.

Broader ObamaCare tends to be  out of context with socioeconomic desires and preferences of popular culture.

Achieve synergies among sectors and actors.

Synergies have yet to be achieved.

Demonstrate openness to dialogue and collaboration between public and private sectors , with effective governess.

Openness and dialogue between public and private sections is notably absent and is effective government oversight.

Tweet:  ObamaCare lacks many of the characteristics of successful health systems.

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