Sunday, February 23, 2014

Delays and Deadlines

By now the pattern is clear. ObamaCare deadlines don’t stick. And they probably never will. Is  the goal-post moving worth the political headaches?

David Nadler,  “The Politics of ObamaCare Delays,” Politico,  February 21, 2014

To Obama  end game is very clear.

If  politics  of deadlines are  too dear,

Delay those deadlines any way you can,

Move those pesky goal posts, don’t let them stand.

Suspend owner mandates not once but twice.

Don’t let your people get caught  in  a vice.

Forget about soon forgotten deadlines.

Tackle Republicans short of  goal lines.

To protect  Democrats is your first goal, 

Your second is to climb  that greasy pole.

Abandon your principles, do what it takes.

Losing elections is what a headache makes.

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