Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ten What-Can-You-Do Healthcare Questions and Answers 
Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
With all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
In all the time you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.
John Wesley (1723-1791),  John Wesley’s Rules

Go, and do thou likewise.

Luke,  10:37  

How do you cope with government-created chaos which begins in January?    

How do you deal with an error-laden website and cancellation of 6 million health policies? 

 What can  you do with a government that forces insurance companies to retroactively cover all policies and to waive previous contracts at threat of personal  bankruptcy and bankruptcies of private insurers?

What can you do while remaining in limbo? 

1.      What can you do when an administration passes a health law that it says will protect patients, expand coverage, and make healthcare affordable  when it does none of these things?
  What can you do when, come January 2, 2014, millions of Americans, perhaps you among them, will not know whether your present health covers you or not, and may not be worth the paper is printed on?

3.       What can you do when a President and his administration repeatedly promise you can keep your health plan, your doctors, and your hospital  when its very law says that is not true,  and its promises are declared “The Lie of the Year?”

4.      What can you do when an administration spends untold millions of dollars  and three and one half years developing a website to help you cboose a health plan when it does not test the website before launching its error-prone site?

5.      What can you do when you receive a notice from your insurer that your health policy is cancelled, and you have not convenient way to find information about an alternative plan?
6.      What can you don when you finally learn the alternative plan has higher premiums and deductibles than you can afford and is equivalent to no insurance at all?

7.      What can you do when you are forced to pay for the benefits of others and when have no need and do not want the benefits of your new plan?

8.      What do you do if the narrowed networks of your new government-endorsed  plan  cancel access to your current doctor and hospitals and force you drive hundreds of  miles and to spend countless hours trying to reach your new providers?

9.       What can  you  do when the President is obligated constitutionally to only change a law after consulting with Congress but who alters the law on 20 different occasions by executive orders to delay or delete provision of the law that are politically embarrassing,  inconvenient,  or unworkable to him politically.

10.  What you can do when the IRS, which reports to th President, targets and denies tax-exempt status  to political opponents and then denies it had anything to do with this targeting and denial even though the head of the IRS made over 150 visits to the White House during the targeting process.

What can you do?   You live in a Democracy.  So you can listen to the arguments for and against.   You can express your opinion.  You can engage in the debates. You can call for sensible fixes and suggest  specify  sensible alternatives.  You can wait for the next election. You can do what you have to do. You can vote.

Tweet:  Come January 1, 2014, self-inflicted,  government-created healthcare chaos may set in, creating massive  uncertainties for Americans.