Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THESE Are Last Two Weeks of 2013 and THESE Are The Polls Numbers

are the desolate, dark weeks
when nature in its barrenness
equals the stupidity of man.

The year plunges into night
and the heart plunges
lower than night.

William Carlos Williams MD (1883-1963),  These (1938)

THESE  are the last two weeks of 2013, and THESE are the for-against poll numbers  on Obama and ObamaCare.

Overall job approval, 43%/53%
Economic job approval,  39%/57%
Health law approval,   38%/52%
Direction of country, 30%/64%
Approval of young voters,  41%/54%

For President Obama and his administration,  THESE poll numbers are politically desolate, dark, and barren.  

People are losing heart because of repeated administration untruths and premature launching of an untested website for political gain.

But THESE numbers could improve, IF,

·         in the next weeks,  the website is fixed,  enrollment surges, and there are no more  surprises and snafus;
·          in the next 14 weeks, ending March 31, 2014,  7 million people, including 2. 7 million young invincibles, sign up and pay  for health exchange plans;
·         In the next 47 weeks,  ending November 9, 2014,  election day, healthcare.gov produces low cost,  reliable health plans,   and other  political events turn Obama’s way.

THESE are big IF’s.    Only one thing is certain.    Trust is a must, and trust, once lost,  is hard to regain.

Tweet:  To reverse downfall of ObamaCare and his administration,  President Obama must restore trust in competence and integrity of government

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