Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Vast Is Vast, and What Is The Vast Majority?
 The Obama website now works for the vast majority. The  vast majority going to website will now be able to get through the process.
The White House, December 2 Announcement
How vast is vast?   The heavens are vast.  The wilderness is vast. Deserts are vast. Space is vast.  The universe is vast.  Eternity is vast.  Vested interests are vast. Government is vast. The power of the Presidency is vast.   Vast is clearly too vast to comprehend.

The "Vast Majority"
How vast is the “vast majority”?  Somewhere between 51% and 99%.  Whenever somebody says “vast majority", you can be sure "vast majority" is being used to inflate the size of the majority. "Vast majority" simply means the majority is larger than the minority.    You rarely hear the reverse, namely the “vast minority.”

The Vast in Health Care
What is “vast” in health care? 
·         ObamaCare covering  more than 300 million Americans. That’s  vast, and vastly complicated as well.

·         50 million Americans on food stamps.  That’s vast. The number of edibles is incredible.

·         50 million uninsured.  That’s vast. That’s what ObamaCare is supposedly all about.

·         50 million with health plans being cancelled in 2014, perhaps growing to 80 million to 100 million in 2015 out of the 170 million in employer-based plans. That’s vastly vast, enough to make one aghast.

·         110 million in  Medicare and Medicaid now, slated to reach 170 million by 2020.  That’s vast and rapidly getting vaster every day

·         1 of 2 Americans depending  on government and receiving govenment entitlement "transfer payments.".  That’s vast, as any federal budgeter contemplating our $17 trillion national debt, which will approach $20 trillion by 2016, will tell you.

The Vast Minority
But 5 million in individual markets having their plans cancelled, that’s a "vast minority" .Overall,  the individual market represents only 5% of the total insured.population.   The vast  majority of the insured still have their plans and will be able to keep them. Period, at  least until we delete the period and insert  a colon.  And the 30% to 50% of people not receiving subsidies and complaining  of high premiums and unaffordable deductibles, they are clearly the vast minority, clearly not the  vast majority.
And what of  the  40% disapproving of President Obama’s performance?  They are clearly not representative of vast majority (51%)  who elected him for a  second term. The same goes for  61% who oppose his health plan, 56% who think he’s a poor manager, and  53% who  distrust him and say he’s not honest.  They are clearly not a vast minority. Besides, they were originally part of the vast majority.

The dissidents  are clearly nowhere near a vast majority. The vast majority will see no tax increase.   The vast majority will  clearly keep their doctor, hospital, health plan, and privacy, not necessarily in that order. Period. You may have noticed the word "clearly" is often juxtaposed with "vast majority."
Let me be clear.  In the end, when ObamaCare finishes its rollout, the vast majority will clearly  love his law   It may be a half-vast majority, and it may be an exanple of undertaking a vast project with half-vast ideas, but it will be enough to thwart an attempt to repeal the health law.  
You ask: what is the vast majority?
It is more than the vast minority.
You ask: who in the majority is most vast?
 It’s he  for whom most votes were cast.
Obama can vouch for that with vast authority.
Tweet:   The  term "vast majority" clearly means more than the "vast minority" and either means what you want them to mean.

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