Thursday, December 5, 2013

All Healthcare Gall Is Divided Into Three Parts
All Gaul is divided into three parts.
Julius Caesar (100 BC -44 BC), De Bello Gallico
Caesar almost had it right, but he was living at a different time in a different country discussing a different topic, so we’ ll  forgive  him if he'll forgive us for parapharasing him.
If Caesar  were alive today,  he might be saying healthcare gall comes in three parts.
·         Three failed promises – universal coverage, reduced costs, keeping your health plan

·         Three unanswered questions – how many people are on the website?  How many have signed up? How broken is the back end?

·         Three reasons the young are walking away – They don’t have a job.  They’re paying twice the market rate.  They’ve living in their parents’ basements to subsidize older people who have pensions or jobs.
Tweet:  People are unhappy with healthcare today because of failed promises,  unanswered questions,  and unaffordable costs for subsidizing others.
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