Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Rising Gorge of Anger

My gorge rises at it.
Shakespeare (1564-1616), Hamlet
Mr. President:
There is a rising gorge of anger in America at the attitudes and actions of your administration.
·         People  are angry at your arrogance.  You act like we have a one party political system, that it is permissible for you to pass your health law without a single vote from the other party, without even consulting its leaders, that you can change the law at a whim without telling anyone in advance; that you somehow can  isolate yourself from reality in your presidential bubble, which floats above mere mortals.

·         People  are angry at your ignorance of what goes on below you and behind you  in your adminstration.  How come you  always say you are  unaware of what is behind breaking bad news, like the lack of security at Benghazi before the slaughter occurred? Isn’t it  your responsibility to know these things? If not you, who?

·         People  are angry at your lack of attention to detail.  Did you and your followers not read the fine print in the 2700 pages of the Accountable Care Act?  Did you not know its consequences?  Are you one of those who had to wait to see what was in it?

·         People  are angry at you and your administration for prying into their private affairs, for asking us to divulge the personal details of their  finances and their health status before comparing our present health plan to your plans, for unleashing the National Security Agency to spy upon our emails and phone calls. This is confidential stuff.

·         People are angry at your attitude that government always knows best and we always know least when it comes to matters of their health and  their financial wellbeing.  People have minds and lives of their own.

·         People  are angry at being called  bigots, extremists, and  racists if they question your policies and your judgements.  The Tea Party, for instance, is not a radical right wing organization.  It is composed of loyal Americans, who cherish certain fundamental values, you might not share.  Conservatism is not a dirty word.  It is a value system. It is as American as apple pie.

·         People are angry at your administration’s lack of transparency, especially of such things as the IRS and its clandestine labelling and denial of tax-exempt status to organizations to the right of your belief system.  We are not blind to the fact that the head of the IRS made 152 visits to the White House as these tax-exempt decisions were being made.

·         People are angry that you equate campaigning with governing, rhetoric with results.   Yes, you have a way with words, or you would not have been elected twice.   The  patience of the people is not inexhaustible.    Where are the jobs? Where is the economic growth? Where is the future for our children and grandchildren? Words are not deeds.

·         People are angry when you said shopping for health plans on your website would be easy as shopping on the Internet.  Yet you and your administration did not even test the system before launching it.   You were warned the system was not ready.  Instead  you put politics before preparation.

·         People  are angry at your broken promises and your documented  deceptions.  You promised hope and change.  You promised jobs and prosperity. You promised you would widen access to health care for all Americans and you would cut health costs.  You promised we could keep thier health plans, their doctors, and thier hospitals, when you knew otherwise. You deceived them.
Mr. President, people  know anger is not a healthy emotion.  Quell their  anger. through your actions not your words.

Tweet:   There is a rising gorge of anger over the arrogance, ignorance, broken promises, and deceptions of the Obama administration.

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