Friday, November 22, 2013

Presidential Blame Game and Word Play
No blame on that account can be laid at my door.
George III (1738-1820), King of Great Britain and Ireland in 1782 statement on  why he lost the American Colonies
President Obama, the artful dodger, is going full tilt at blaming others for the disastrous rollout of and the growing wave of health plan cancellations.
He is pointing a finger at everybody but himself for Obamacare's ineptitudes.   In the words of Gregg Jarrett of Fox News, his “apology” is largely a  “they-a-culpa” rather than a “mea a culpa.”    His is a victim’s mentality.
“They,” President Obama  seems to be saying are causing “my” plan to crash and burn.

“They,” roughly in this order, are:
·         “bad apple” insurers
·         “obstructionist” and “sabotaging” Republicans
·         “red state” governors
·         “greedy” doctors
·         “hapless” website technologists
·         “misleading” journalists
This week, Obama summoned a group of journalists who support his health reform plan to the White House for a rebranding session.     He said they and other journalists had misnamed   the “cancellation notices” issued by nefarious health plans.   The notices should have been called “renewal notices” or “improvement notices”  or “notices of better plans” or “replacements of “substandard plans” by “plans meeting federal standards.”  
You get the picture: government knows best what plans you should have and what you should be willing to pay for excellence as defined in bureaucratic swamps of Foggy Bottom and D.C.,  short for “Darkness and Confusion.”
I am, of course, waxing satirical about President Obama’s reaction to the travails of ObamaCare.  But there is some truth to what I say and what he did.  As more and more revelations leak out of what he knew, when he knew, what  he did or didn’t do, and whether he lied or didn't lie,  he faces the potential  unraveling and collapse of his cherished law and the tarnishing of his legacy.   
The latest CBS poll indicates approval of his health plan has cratered at 31%, with 61% disapproving , a 30% differential.
There’s nowhere left to go but up.  We shall see if he can talk his way around his  problems and up to his previous heights by demeaning critics.

Tweet: The blame game is afoot as President Obama tries to talk his way around and up out  of the health law debacle by spreading blame to others.

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