Sunday, November 17, 2013

Evidence of Voter Anger over ObamaCare
Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence.
Charles Dickens (1812-1879),  Great Expectations
In my last blog post, I expressed why anger is growing among Americans over Obama and ObamaCare’s deceptions and stumbles.   It was an emotional outburst.  For that I apologize.  But evidence indicates that, as voter expectations over health reform are dashed,   anger is erupting,  as set forth  today in two New York Times pieces.
·         The first was a front page story, “In Fracas on Health Coverage, Some Democrats Feel Exposed.” The story  explains why New Hampshire citizens are angry. First, they were mad about the 16-day government shutdown, followed closely by the  fiasco. Then came the wave of cancellations of health policies not meeting government standards.  Only 269 New Hampshire people signed onto the exchanges, dwarfed by the number whose policies cancelled.  All of this in a state where three of four members of Congress are Democrats running for their electoral lives; where the legislature prohibits the governor from setting up a state health insurance exchange; where Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield excludes 10 or 16 of the state’s hospitals from health plans it offers on the exchanges; where the Democratic government is fighting with the GOP legislature whether to expand Medicaid; all of this in a state whose motto is “Live free or die.”

·         The second is an Op-Ed “ The Three Burials of ObamaCare,” by Ross Douthat, the Times token  conservative columnist.  The first near-burial came when Massachusetts elected Scott Brown to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat, depriving Democrats of its critical 60th vote to pass ObamaCare; the second near-burial came when The Supreme Courts was supposedly going to declare the health law unconstitutional; and  the third  near-death experience stems from anger at “ the hapless crew of Internet engineers”; “not-really-working-exchanges”; “panicky Democrats and gleeful Republicans,”and  "the president himself, whose ‘noble lie’ that everyone  could keep their coverage has made the backlash that much worse.”  But alas, moans Douthat, we will never be able to disengage from the welfare state. ObamaCare still lives and will never die.

Tweet:   Evidence  in New Hampshire and elsewhere across the nation indicates people are angry about deceptions and consequences of ObamaCare.

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