Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Can Three 20 Year Old Entrepreneurs Working Three Nights  For Nothing Save Healthcare.Gov, Which Took Three Years and $634 million to Build?
Skewered through and through with office pens, and bound head and foot with red tape.
Charles Dickens (1812-1870),   David Copperfield
ObamaCare is a hugely complicated approach to addressing problems in health care that have simpler solutions.
Gordon Crovitz “ObamaCare’s Serious Complications, “ Wall Street Journal, October 12. 2013
Can three 20 year olds  – George Kalogeropoulus, Ning Liang , and Michael Wasser- working in San Francisco for 3 nights on a website called  save save from itself by replacing it with a simpler website? 
Is the website of the three, which has now been visited by hundreds of thousands  seeking answers that could not find on,  a breakthrough that could  salvage  a bureaucratic, red-tape bound, muscle-bound,  federal website from its overly complicated rules for doing things? 
Could  healthcare.sherpa replace, as intimated by Fox News?
Can you just go to, type in your zip code to see if your state qualifies for help, enter your income,  family size,  pick your plan, and follow a few simple instructions, and Voila!  In a few moments, find out how much an exchange plan would cost and how it compares to your current plan?
The answer seems to be, Yes it can. But , and it’s a Big If  , say the  big guys,  the government website developers, does not replace   It does not allow users to purchase insurance, verify citizenship, estimate tax breaks or subsidies.
As H.L, Menckem (1880-1956) said,  “For every complicated problem, there is a simple solution,  and it’s wrong.”
Actually,  the solution is not wrong,  it is incomplete.  It is a start. It is just a fragment of a larger solution.   It helps consumers find an answer to those burning questions, “How much is this government plan going to cost?”  “ Should I  pay the penalty of $95? Should I wait until the smoke clears  over  mess?” Or, conversely, “Maybe I ought to enroll.  This looks like a good deal.”
Healthsherpa raises some fundamental issues.
Maybe  suffers from inelastic thinking, from an bureaucratic mindset cultivated and developed by excessive time spent on government projects.   Maybe is hidebound by too many government rules and regulations. 
Maybe a simpler approach  can help achieve the “fix” so badly needs.
Tweet:   Three young coders in San Francisco have developed a website,, that helps consumers find rates of health exchange plans.
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