Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is IRS Up To Job of Enforcing ObamaCare?
·         “ObamaCare + IRS = Perfect Storm,  Forbes, 11/7/13

·         “For Beleagured IRS. A Crucial Test Still Awaits After Troubled Roll-Out of Health Care Law,”Washington Post, 11/25/13

·         “Health Care ObamaCare Lawsuits, “ New York Daily News, 11/24/13

·         “IRS Crucial Test in ObamaCare,”  HispanicBusiness.com, 11/24. 13
Recent Headlines on Subject of ObamaCare and IRS

Questions, Questions, Questions
Is the IRS up to the  job of tracking and tracking down millions of miscreants who either don’t buy health insurance or who don’t cough up the $95 penalty for not doing so?
Can the IRS distribute those trillions of dollars of subsidies to those millions of the uninsured  and people with incomes low enough to qualify?
Can the IRS deal effectively with millions of Spanish-speaking  peoples (16% of Americans) who may not speak or read enough English to understand ObamaCare?
Can the 15,000 new IRS agents needed for the job of carrying out the 47 new tasks required to enforce ObamaCare,  including  distributing  trillions of dollars in subsidies and penalizing those who do not comply with the law?
Can the IRS perform its new duties when the health law specifically forbids the IRS from using its customary collection tools- liens, fines, foreclosures, criminal prosecution, and garnished wages?
Can the IRS do these things in light of its tarnished reputation for its partisanship in denying tax-exempt status to the Tea Party and other conservative organizations?
Can the IRS run this operation out of the White House which is suffering  an all time low  reputation for credibility and competence?
Can the IRS function efficiently and effectively if healthcare.gov is not up to speed, remains full of glitches,  or is vulnerable to identity and personal security hacking?
Can the IRS cope with dozens of lawsuits now underway challenging the various provisions of the individual and employer mandates?
Can the IRS enforce section 1441 which imposes a 3.8% tax on the net income and investments of taxpayers, estates, and trusts?
What level of enforcement is needed to nudge taxpayers into being cmpliant?
Will the $95 penalty rising to $695 in subsequent years be enough? 
Just asking.
Tweet: The IRS faces the huge, unenviable, unknowable, and perhaps undoable  task of enforcing 47 new tasks stemming from the ObamaCare Law.




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