Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who Will The President Be?

Come the election next Tuesday,
I have been thinking this muse-day.
Will it be President Obama,
with his record of economic trauma,
his vision of a glorious social panorama?
Are we destined for more of the same?
Somehow his story seems a bit lame.
Or will it be Governor Romney,
of which these things are key:
more jobs, more training, more trade,
more power to the states,
lower Medicaid rates,
more money for both  rich and poor,
leaner and smaller government,
less money for Medicare,
more choices for senior care,

fewer regulations for entrepreneurs,
more leeway for capitalist connoissers,
and less Chinese currency jabberwocky?
Will the U.S go forward,  not downward?
Will the U.S. go backward, but upward?
Wil we go  steadily downhill?
Will we turn suddenly uphill?
Will we have  more or less?
Whoever wins, God Bless.

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