Thursday, November 15, 2012

Primary Care – A Bad News, Good News Story

November 15, 2012

The news today brings bad news about primary care,
Soon primary care doctors as a species will be rare.

The shortage now 50,00, headed toward 90,000 by 2025, is growing,
A political crisis, no doctors for Medicare and Medicaid, is brewing.

Sophocles warned with these words “Nobody likes a man who brings bad news.”

Shakespeare added , ”Though it is honest, it is never good to bring bad news.”

These warnings leave me no choice.
I must speak with a  positive voice.                                                  

The good news: CMS is raising primary pay by 4 to 7 percent,
Government officials want further sserioushortages to prevent.

 Here’s another piece of good news,
I will give you to ward off the blues.

Quinnepiac U. in 2013 will open the Frank A. Netter MD School of Medicine.
It will be a school with a mission:  producing primary care doctors American.

That Quinnepiac graduates will be American primary care doctors is important,
Today in the United States  30 percent of primary care physicians are imported.

It is about time, its founders say,  to focus on graduating primary care physicians,
With a primary care faculty teaching doctors to practice under team conditions.