Thursday, November 22, 2012

Books– New Voices of Health Reform: The 3 R’s-Rhyme, Reason & Reality. A Modern History of Reform
November 20, 2012 - I am now engaged in the process of producing a series of books. These books are collections of my Medinnovation blogs on specific subjects written over the last six years.  
The first of these books Physicians, Poetry & Humor is now available. It may be ordered by calling Bronwen Blaney at the RJ Julia’s bookstore in Madison, CT, at 1- 203-245-3959 and asking for a single or multiple copies of the book. It sells for $12.95 + 6% sales tax + shipping charge. The books will be 175 to 250 pages long.
Other books which have been completed but are not yet available include:
· Physician Culture & American Culture

· The Physicians Foundation – New Voice of American Medicine

· Primary Care & Specialty Care

· Medicare& Medicaid- Where Now?

· Medical& Health Care Innovation

· Electronic Health Records – Boon or Boondoggle

· Physician& Hospital Relationships

· Malpractice& Tort Reform- Physician Hot Button Issue

· Accountable Care Organizations – Who is in Charge?

· A Book of Health Reform Book Reviews

I will be announcing the availability of these books as they go online and are available in paperback. The first book, Physicians, Poetry & Humor would be an ideal Thanksgiving or Christmas book for physicians or patients.

Richard L. Reece, MD

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