Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Media Moral Outrage and Donald Trump
The elitist media cannot contain itself.   Although the mainstream media  portrays itself  as dispassionate ,  fair-minded,  and compassionate, it cannot help itself when it comes to labeling Donald Trump as a moral degenerate, a lowly demagogue,  an outright bigot,  a flaming racist, and an egocentric narcissist. 
Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts, who has been called the mother of NPR,  has gone as far as to say his supporters are immoral.  Trump is one of the least qualified candidates ever to make a serious run for the presidency." Roberts wrote late last month in a syndicated column with her husband, the journalist Steven Roberts. "If he is nominated by a major party — let alone elected — the reputation of the United States would suffer a devastating blow around the world."
Roberts  also is an commentator for ABC news, which along with CBS, NBC,  MSNBC,  the Washington Post, and the New York Times  is one of the pillars of the mainstream media.
New York Times

-- In his left column front-page piece,  the headline reads “Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties; U.S. Holdings Examined;  At Least $65 Million  is Owed by Republican Nominee’s Firms.”   The gall of the guy, “The success of his empire depends on his ability to get credit, to get loans extended to his business entities,  and we simply don’t know a lot about his financial dealings, here or around the world.” The obvious implication of the articles is that there’s something rotten in the Trump Tower of Debt.
Sunday Review Section

--In the Sunday Review section of the August 23  New York Times, the paper threw all pretense of objectivity,  either by its writer, reporters, columnists, or editorial board. Its editorial bore these headlines, “Can America Recover from Donald Trump” and  “Mr. Trump and the Damage Done” and concludes,  “Trump supporters have now been promise a nation where non-natives, and their children are locked outside the borders forever…The challenge to responsible leaders o any political party will be to separate the economic discontents form the bigotry and paranoia that the key to the Trump phenomenon.
--The front page of the Sunday Review  has this headline, “Donald Trump Takes Aim,” and asserts “his message resonates with voters who feel guns are all they have.”
--A column  “Low and Lower” contains 18 quotes from various sources on how low Trump has sunk (example” Trump’s groundless assertions  his a new low last week, as the mass shooting in Orlando, when he repeatedly suggested that President Obama secretly supports the Islamic state.
--And Maureen Dowd, in her column “Open Letter from Mr. T rump,”   commenting on Trump’s speech saying he was sorry if this remarks had offended anybody,  lists 15 reasons Trumps should feel sorry about his sorry performance.  Each reason oozes with sarcasm and contempt over why Trump should feel sorry.   “Most of all, “ she ends, quoting Trump, “I’m sorry that I’m not really sorry.”

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