Friday, August 5, 2016

Crooked Hillary Versus Crazy Donald
As I pondered what to title this blog, I struggled between “Trump in Mouth Disease,”  “Trump Bull in China Shop,” and “Crooked Hillary Versus Crazy Donald.”
After reading Peggy Noonan’s WSJ piece today,  “The Week They Decided He Was Crazy,” and witnessing Trump’s plunging poll numbers,   the “Crazy Donald” title won out.
Through his crazy off-beat and off-the-cuff comments on the U.S lawyer of Mexican heritage,  the Muslim Gold Star family, the “rigged” election,  attacks on potential GOP allies like Paul Ryan and John McCain,  Donald has gone off the main rail.
It is not that Trump doesn’t have enough ammo to direct at Hillary -  her untruthful remarks on the FBI director’s comments,  the disastrous foreign policy setbacks,  the ransom for hostage act,   the 1.2% GDP growth the last quarter, 94 million Americans who have dropped off the job market,  the economic  woes of the unraveling  middle class, the withdrawal  of  major insurers from health exchange markets,  the collapse of non-for-profit insurers,  decreased access to private physicians, increasingly unaffordable premiums and deductibles.
What’s gone wrong? 
As Peggy Noonan observes of Trump,  “He doesn’t have the skill set needed now – dicretion, carefulness, generosity, judgment… Instead he shows disrespect for supporter, and a bush-league,  pull-it-our-of-your -ear, indulge-your-emotions –attitude….Trump has made vulnerable to Democrat attacks.   “Democrats will attempt to dismantle Mr. Trump piece by piece.  He’s not just reckless, he’s ridiculous – a fraud in business, a screwball, unseasoned, uninformed ..They’’ll  try  to drive him crazy.   They’’ll  do this by misquoting him, putting a twist on what he said, and then denouncing  him.  They’’ll try to get him to whine, whinge, blow his top…They’ll play the picador tormenting the bull, goad him, weaken him, provoke an unfortunate charge.
Judging by polls this week, showing a sharp decline in Trump’s poll numbers after his unfortunate petulant remarks, the Democrats are succeeding.

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